Eau Claire

Clear Vision and the Clear Vision Process
In June 2007, community members in Eau Claire, Wisconsin collaborated with area governments, school institutions, and civil society organizations to implement Clear Vision (Eau Claire), an inclusive citizen-based community visioning and strategic planning initiative. From the original initiative, Clear Vision has become a non-profit organization with a mission―to engage all citizens to reach a common goal and purpose.

Clear Vision is organized to―convene, nurture, and support diverse groups in community problem solving that engages members of the greater Eau Claire community in active, meaningful citizen involvement, working for the common good for the future of the residents of the community . . .”. Clear Vision recognizes that some community issues are exceedingly complex and resolution of those issues is beyond the capabilities of any single organization or person.

A resultant central theme of the Clear Vision initiative was that democratic politics begins with conversations citizens have about the common good and the choices they make about the kind of community they want. Using a civic organizing framework, Clear Vision has expanded the community capacity for effective participatory citizenship and collaborative institutional decision-making by government, business and civil society.

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